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Parent Information

Our vision at Loge is for everyone (parents, teachers, students, and the community) to work together and make Loge one of the very best schools in our state. Together, we will make Loge a school where students are enthusiastic about learning, teachers are excited about teaching, and the entire staff is eager and committed to everything that is in the best interest of our students. 



At Loge, we will be totally committed to what is best for our students. This commitment will focus on the following core convictions: 

  • Children are our business and they will come first
  • Parents will be partners in the educational process
  • The community shares the responsibility for a successful school
  • Victory is in the classroom

We firmly believe that if we are totally committed to what is best for our students, we will not only embrace these four core convictions but give our very best efforts to the continued improvement of our school.